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Kal Tire Ottawa sought out a solution for a better product and finish for our customer rim refinishing starting back in 2015. We selected Ottawa Quality Paint Finishing to convert from our paint process to powder coat after seeing the quality of the finished product. The powder coat product we have been able to supply our customer with has outperformed the old product in durability while helping their fleet look clean, keeping to their company standards.

The whole experience has been great and Ottawa Quality Paint Finishing continues to turn out a tremendous product that we can stand behind with exceptional quality and care for the customer.
I am writing to recommend the service of the Wheel Surgeon. We have been using the Wheel Surgeon for over a year for all our alloy wheel repairs and have always been 100% completely satisfied.

With the powder coat process and quality controls they have implemented guarantees the return product is a mirror image of the original equipment. Their attention to quality and our timelines has filled that void that existed within our market.

Thank you Wheel Surgeon for working with us and helping us make our business better.